General Store History

General Store
General Store Building before move


General Store

The General Store is Circa 1890’s with the origional building from a farm in Checkerville, Pa.  Steve Beers donated the building to the Heritage Village and Farm Museum.   Many local villages had a general store.  With the help of Steve Dziuba and Dale Palmer the Heritage Village and Farm Museum was able to take an old two story chicken coop/grainary and re-create a general store to preserve the heritage from our local area.

General Store Circa 1890’s

The General store had a humble beginning  on a farm.  The roof was removed to move the building to it’s current location in the Heritage Village.  The roof was re-installed and the second floor was raised to make more room in the store.  The building remained vacant for seven years and then a new porch and ramp was constructed.  The inside walls were completed with wainscoting donated by Ralph Wilston.  The post office window came from the Van Dyne building, which currently houses the C&N Bank.  The C&N bank donated the window for this project.  The sign on the front of the finished building was donated by the Alba General Store.  The wooden indian was chain saw carved by Lynn Randall.

This replica of a general store in rural America is amazing to visit at the Heritage Village and Farm Museum.  Many of these general stores even housed the local post offices and the store owner would deliver the mail.  Make it a priority to come see all the changes we have made to this building from a past era.