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Sept 16 and 17
Pa Heritage Festival

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     The Patrons of Husbandry, better known as The Grange is the largest fraternal improvement organization in Bradford County. The Grange movement was an aftermath of the cival war and it's founder was Oliver Hudson Kelley, a Minnesota Farmer who was sent by The United States Commissioner of Agriculture to investigate the condition of agriculture in the south. The Braford Grange NO. 39 in Pike Township was the first Grange in Bradford County. Organized November 20, 1873, it was soon joined by more than 40 other Grange organizations in the county. The group became known as "The Bradford Council". In 1876, the Council was replaced by Pomona Grange NO 23 which was organized at the Towanda court house by officers of The Bradford Council.

The Museum has a room dedicated to its Grange collection.
Grange Room


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Troy Grange



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