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Collections / Working With Artifacts

    Ever wonder how museum artifacts survive so long? What it would be like to restore a piece of history so the public can enjoy it? Think about doing research for little known information about common relics of our county?
You may be interested in training in museum studies!
Learning the inside rules for cataloging, what a classification system is, and what the dangers are for wood, metal, glass and textile artifacts are all in the domain of a good collection management training program. These are all domain issues used daily by the museum collection management staff.

If YOU would like to be involved with "hands on history" at the Bradford County Heritage Association, you can start HERE:
The following asset list will help you find places to get training. The first step to working directly with artifacts is getting the qualifications through training. A four year degree may be a goal but isn't a requirement. Below is a list of places to go for direct training, and in some cases lists of events that have occured in the past so you can see the kind of things that reoccur from time to time and if you are looking for them when they do reoccur..... you can get involved.

Working with artifacts can be time consuming yet personally fulfilling. Before committing lots of time at a museum, start by taking some courses or seminars. Attend a conference! Meet people doing it, listen to them answer questions. See if it is really for you.

First, check with the state museum commission, the local county historical society, or regional historical commissions for local seminars and courses.
Or the online path starts here(click these links):

What IS collection management?

Online courses in museum and collection management

MORE Online Course Information

IMLS - Seminars and advocacy for proper collection treatment

Security and Collection Management

Smithsonian Museum Studies Training Directory

AASLH - Example of a one-day symposium

Distance Learning - Certificate Program Museum Studies

An example program
The Heritage Commission of Delaware County
This is the kind of seminar you should be looking for

The Society of American Archivists
A Course in Collection Management

Northern States Conservation Center Training

Connecting To Collections Essential Elements

Pennsylvania State Museum Calendar of Events

Pennsylvania Museum Commission

PMHC Annual Archives Seminar



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